It begins...

Welcome to my new blog! 

I will start by apologising in case I have made a lot of grammatical errors. Perhaps this can be viewed as something interesting and fascinating, making me more mysterious than I actually am. 

My name is Gabi Froden and I am a Swedish illustrator living in London. Is that intriguing enough for you to read the rest of my first blog entry? Will it be Scandi thriller style, will Bergman be mentioned, will it involve pictures of a cabin by a lake? Well, read on, and you shall find out.

I have lived in London for nearly a decade now and being Swedish, or Scandinavian, is a challenge here only in that there are not enough different kinds of cracker bread and not enough pine forests to wander through. Apart from that, Sweden is not that far away, and there is definitely enough darkness here to keep us perfectly sulky in our black, oddly cut clothing. Oh my gaaaawd, are you Swedish too? We shout to each other across the streets, waving uncharacteristically and then realise we have little in common apart from the fact that we all spent the best years of out lives reading about the adventures of a socialist bear in comic form.

Being a Nordic illustrator has its perks too, especially when you get to do interesting project to do with gender. The language of equality has long been spoken, if not always practically realised, in the land where I was born. I love doing children’s books on the subject!

So, here are a couple of images from a really interesting project I was doing for the Jubilee Centre at the University of Birmingham last year. The project was exploring girl’s roles in fairytales and depicting them, for a change, as heroes!

Children's illustration
children's illustration

And yes. I am aware that this post was not Scandi thriller style, Bergman was not featured and there are no pictures of cabins by lakes. Keep an eye on this blog though…you never know...