Fleeing into the Unknown

Sometimes I get to tell a story that really matters. Not that all stories aren’t important. They are, in their own way. But somehow it feels different (at least to me) to be handed a script about a woman, just a little younger than myself, on the run from oppression and horrors I don’t want to imagine.

I feel like I learn a lot every time I am told a new story of trafficking, smuggling and war. It forces me to look at myself and my own relatively poor artist’s life. I remember, if even briefly,  to be truly grateful for the luxuries I have.  Family, friends, a husband, somewhere to sleep, food and a desk where I can sit and draw. Most of all- freedom to pursue any kind of life I want.

Not everybody has that. I have to remember that when I moan about my life.

Here are some pictures from the last story I did together with Positive Negatives and ODI. Also presented in the Huffington Post.

Here is the full link: http://testkitchen.huffingtonpost.com/Fleeing-into-the-Unknown/

Prisoners in a shipping container

Walking through the desert.

Crossing a dangerous river

In an unfamiliar city, having to call relatives for more money to pay the smugglers

Packed into a rusty old boat, crossing the sea