"It is human to be magical" or "Something amazing is coming up."

I have handed in a big project and waiting for any small changes to be made. It means I can get on with cleaning the flat, actually get some shopping and have time to breathe deeply at least a few times in the day. Yes, it is all good. I even went for a run. And whilst running I listened to a program on the Swedish radio about how magic has disappeared from our lives. Or has it?

It was mainly a conversation about how the word magic is seen as something negative but psychoanalytic dream interpretations in the name of Freud is absolutely fine. And they were also talking about the fact that creativity is essentially magic and the most obvious way to be human. I thought about art and illustration and children's books. All in, I found it interesting and I forgot to be tired and feel how uncomfortable it is to run when one hasn’t run for quite some time. (Because I was being creative and magical and human for a few months! Get off my back, devil of health!)

Anyway, I am too excited to sit still, as I think the latest project is one of the most interesting illustration /comic/ storytelling project I have ever been involved in.  And soon, friends, you shall see it. Patience is a goddamn virtue and I was blessed with none of it, but do keep checking in, because something amazing is coming up!

In the meantime, have a look at this. It is from my latest book and I will write about that next time. I think it has a hint of magic...

Children's illustration